nakd ..


Global / Water / PET / 1.25 ltr, 500 mL (Still & Sparkling), 450 mL, 300 mL / Glass / 750 mL, 500 mL, 350 mL

nakd. A luxury New Zealand water brand.

This elegant and sexy bottle design has stripped back all unnecessary detail to capture the essence and purity of the brand through it’s simplicity and honesty. With it’s timeless form-lines and bespoke proportions, the resulting design is striking on shelf or restaurant table. The design also features embossed nakd. branding on the front of the bottle and the equivalent branding in Braille on the reverse. Not only does this provide texture, but plays on the sense of touch and communicates the idea that you don’t need to see something beautiful to understand it, or enjoy it.

The resulting design is a tall, sophisticated and coveted bottle that personifies the brand and translates beautifully into all sizes of PET and glass whilst providing an ergonomic and seamless drinking experience. . . . simply nakd.



Silver - 2015 BEST Design Awards

Silver - 2015 Berkeley Springs

Gold - 2016 Berkeley Springs

Best innovation in Bottled Water - 2016 NZBC Awards


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